One Year at Red Hat


I’ve working for one year at Red Hat and it has been the best gig ever

My year in numbers

#1 Contributions

My contributions on GitHub

My contributions on GitHub

#2 Memberships

Member of 3 organizations on GitHub,
of 5 meetups,
of 8 mailing lists,
of 2 Google groups

#3 Contributed to

I have contributed to ~20 projects. Here are some to name a few:

  • Foreman
  • foreman_openscap
  • Smart Proxy
  • Fog
  • ruby-openscap
  • foreman-docker
  • foreman_discovery
  • smart_proxy_discovery
  • Foreman Packaging
  • patternfly-sass
  • Hammer
  • foreman_infra
  • Scaptimony
  • hammer-cli-foreman
  • foreman_tasks
  • grimstad
  • smart_proxy_openscap
  • foreman_scap_client

Seems like I have been focused in contributing to Foreman this year 😉

#4 Notable days

  • September 1st. 2014 – The day I have joined Red Hat
  • September 2nd. 2014 – First contribution to the Foreman project.
  • December 14th. 2014 – The day I have contributed most (Should have more days like this…)
  • My longest streak: 5 days (Oct. 19 – Oct. 23)

#5 Travels

  • Traveled 43232 km. this year. Most of it to work and back (cost of living in the village)
  • Traveled to Munich
  • Traveled to Brussels

#6 playground

I have learnt so much this year! I came with little no dev-ops knowledge and discovered an amazing world. Here are some of the things I have tried / played with:

  • Docker
  • Kubernetes
  • Libvirt (duh!)
  • Manageiq
  • OpenShift
  • Atomic OS
  • LDAP (on Docker)
  • vmware
  • And probably some other I have forgot

#7 People

This is the most important part of this post.
I honestly believe it is all about people. I am blessed and honored to work with such an amazing group of people.

Thank you Ohad, Joseph, Ori, Dominic, Daniel, Stephen, Bryan, Shimon, Simon, Alon, Amir, Tom C., Marek, Ivan, Tomas, Greg, Dmitri, Mike, Michael, Tom M, Eric, Lukas, Martin, Tomer, Ondrej and all the amazing people at the Foreman organization

  • Special thanks to the Foreman bot who helps me get my PRs in the right manner.
  • Another thanks to nudnik who tells me which PR is what. May you have a good !karma

Thank you all !

#8 Social media

(This part is a total fake, yet I need to get to #10)

  • I have tweeted 439 times about my work this year
  • I have posted 126 times about my work on facebook
  • I have posted 5 blog posts
  • I have 1 Instagram picture with Richard Stallman, which I have also posted to facebook (sorry Richard, I had to) <- True fact

#9 Longest pull requests threads

  1. The longest one to date: Reports STI with 156 discussions (Dominic, Please…. )
  2. Review before build with 101 discussions
  3. Drop Ruby 1.8.7 with 86 discussions

#10 Future

Plan #1:
Win the lottery, move to the Maldives, contribute code

Plan #2:
Fly somewhere, plane crashes, contribute code

(realistic) Plan #3:
Keep on enjoying and loving what I currently do: contribute code