How intimate are you with your smart-proxy?


The smart proxy is a crucial service on the Foreman.
It provides us an API to subsystems such as DNS, DHCP, TFTP, realms, templates, BMC, Puppet and is extendable with plugins.

Up until now, we had no visible data on what is going on with our smart-proxy and what is its status, version and plugins.

Well, that is changing…
We have added a new feature (which is a part of set of related features) which will help us to learn more about the status of our smart-proxy.

(* Talk is cheap, whiskey is money) Screenshots:

Proxies index:

Smart Proxies index

Smart Proxies index

Here we have added the status column, so right on you could know if your proxy is up and running (and if not, why…)

Proxy show page:

Proxy overview

Proxy overview

When clicking on a proxy on the index page, we are now being redirected to the Proxy’s show page (until now we were redirected to its edit page).
Here we get a glimpse of the proxy’s status: its URL, version and running features.

Clicking on the “Services” tab will open:

Services tab

Services tab

Which gives us some more info on our proxy’s features.

This is a work in progress which will be expanded in the next few weeks,
and will land at #theforeman 1.11

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