A quick hack on adding a link to Waze from your ionic app


I am building an application which shows addresses on a map (more on that on a different post…).
I chose to build it with ionic framework, as it is really a very simple HTML5 application.

One of the feature requests was to add a “Navigate with Waze” button for each address.

I searched for an ionic integration with Waze, and found one which didn’t work as (I) expected.

Searching in forums made me discover…

You do not need a special integration with Waze – Waze has a beautiful mechanism that will open Waze whenever you’re calling

That it!

So from my app I can create a button or a link with
href=”http://waze.to/?ll=32.1854841,34.8522185&navigate=yes“, and if you have Waze installed it will open the navigation to the latitude/longiute you have provided (It this case to Red Hat Israel office…)

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