Making of….מהחקלאי , open sourcing it, and request for help…


tl;dr… We have created an open source mobile apps to empower Israeli farmers who sell directly to customers

A while back Hila Aflalo (my wife) and I have talked on how we can help the farmers protest (Hebrew) in Israel. We then met awesome Orli Yakuel, on another issue, and asked if she’d like to help with building the product and the user experience. (Of course she said yes…).

The task was to get to market as soon as possible. We wanted to help the farmers as soon as possible, and we also wanted to show them our support.

I chose Rails 5 API to power the backend of our application and ionic framework to build the mobile apps.

Both Android and iOS apps are now public, yet all of the above (including the farmers) feel that this is a very basic version which can be extended for the benefit of everyone: customers and farmers.

So, we would love if you could help us with improving, fixing and extending מהחקלאי applications:
We have created a trello board to manage our effort:

(Join to Trello here)

The source code for the Rails API:
The source code for the Ionic App:

So, you know the drill (ping me for help):
Fork, clone, improve, pull request.

What do you need to know:

  • The backend is made of Rails. It is pretty much easy to pick – If you feel it is a hustle, maybe we can set a test environment somewhere (Heroku)
  • Ionic is the beautiful, open source mobile SDK for developing native and progressive web apps.
  • We relay heavily on Angular 1.x for the mobile App


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