Pipelines at Heroku


Aren’t Heroku brilliant?

A while back, while in Learni, we’ve created three servers on Heroku: One for the devs to test their code, one for QE to test (e.g., staging) before production and of course a production one. Once the dev felt comfortable with the code, we pushed it to QE and after (hopefully not…) fixing cycle, we’ve pushed it to production.

Now I discover that Heroku “copied” us and created pipelines.

So pipeline do exactly what’s described above: You create three servers and add them into a pipeline.
You’d of course start with pushing to the dev server and from there you could promote to staging and so fourth.
Pipeline enables you to push for more than one dev into staging as you may want to support github flow (you want to support github flow 🙂 )

And as always in Heroku, it comes with great CLI integration.

One thing I’d love to have is other integrations besides github (gitlab, bitbucket and other flavors)

Anyhow, well played Heroku !