Foreman integration with Slack


I have created a little plugin which sends events from Foreman to Slack.
It currently supports one event – “Host is built” event.

It can be found for testing at

The reasoning behind this plugin is that, Slack is more than a communication tool between teams. It is a focal point for teams, dev-ops and systems.
This is where they find out what’s up with their systems – See for instance how popular PagerDuty’s Slack bot is.

Anyhow, I am sure that any team who has Foreman and Slack would love to see events sent from Foreman to Slack.

It requires little configuration to get a webhook_url to your channel.

  1. Go to
  2. Choose your team, press configure
  3. In configurations press add configuration
  4. Choose channel, press “Add Incoming WebHooks integration”

Once you’ve got an Incoming webhook URL, you can add it to Foreman (see /settings #Slack tab).
And you can test that is is working by going to http://<your_foreman>/slack_test
It will send an “Ahoy” message to your selected channel.
If everything looks okay, on the next host you will create – you will get a message on your Slack channel once the host is built.
foreman slack message

The first event I chose was “Host is built”. I plan to also add the “Puppet error state”.
Which events do you think I should add next?